CxO Cleveland Roundtable Dinner by IBM | TBD | Cleveland, OH, USA



About the CxO Cleveland Roundtable Dinner by IBM

Enterprises find themselves increasingly faced with much more complex challenges to stay competitive. Part of this complexity is the need to move at a faster pace in keeping with changes in customer needs, regulations, the competitive landscape, technology shifts and, as always, the perennial challenge of budgetary constraints. Companies are now trying to develop more holistic approaches for optimising the value of their IT assets and associated people and processes to meet critical business objectives, such as optimising return on investment (ROI), increasing productivity, and developing more innovative products and services.

Enterprises are increasingly leveraging the power of hybrid cloud services to both navigate their way to using cloud and ensure continuous operations and access to innovation. This IDC white paper examines and highlights key enterprise needs and requirements in utilising hybrid cloud services, which spans both the transformation to cloud and the continuous management of cloud environments (both private and public), as well as critical challenges in utilising these types of services. This white paper also discusses IBM's hybrid cloud services strategy and framework that is anchored on the value proposition of "choice with consistency."

Find out more about the IBM Garage - IBM's client offer to co-create with our clients to drive purposeful innovation and transformational change with the speed of a startup at the scale of an enterprise.

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